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EZMS - Network Shelf

ezmsThe EZ Mount Network Shelf

The premier product of iNNOdata, LTD. It is the very first product of its kind to allow complete installation of a small LAN/Telecom network (up to 48 drops - expandable to a maximum of 96 drops) in an extremely limited space. It saves Space, Time and Money!

NOTE: The entire footprint of wall space needed to complete this installation is only 9 inches high by 19-1/2 inches wide. It installs directly on wall with 16 inch center spacing.


EZMBS - Swivel Bracket

EZMBS-1EZ Mount Swivel Bracket

The EZ Mount Swivel Bracket was introduced as a separate product, in response to the numerous requests during the introductory demonstrations of the EZ Mount Network Shelf.

The bracket also allows for the expansion capability of the EZ Mount Network Shelf from 48 ports to 96 ports by mounting the bracket under the shelf in the holes provided.

It is also a very important accessory for the EZ Mount Network Shelf, because it expands the shelf two (2) additional RMS that can be used for another patch panel (up to 48 ports) with swivel capability, OR it can be used to mount additional products.


EZCD - Extension Bracket


The EZ Mount Extension Brackets, were created to allow for two (2) RMS under the shelf whenever there is a requirement to add a lightweight device that doesn't require rotation. A surge protection power strip is an example of the use of this part. Note: The EZMBS is used to allow for the swivel capability of the additional two (2) RMS, or when a heavier rack mount device is placed under the shelf.

This part can also be used to mount a rack mount (2 RMS) device vertically against a wall, or on a relay rack, where depth is limited or unavailable!


EZMBL - Wall Swivel Bracket


The EZ Mount Wall Swivel Bracket was finally created after many suggestions from contractors and end users alike. It is the best solution for mounting up to a 48 port patch panel on a wall. It swivels within its own space, and, provides a solid punchdown surface, without the technician having to support the punchdown process with the other hand!

EZMBL can also be mounted on a relay rack and/or under a table/desk. The EZMBL is the premier solution when space is at an absolute premium!

Note: Add EZMBLS for a mini EZMS!


EZMBLS - Wall Swivel Bracket


The addition of the matching EZ Mount Wall Swivel Bracket Shelf (only 8 inches deep), allows for completion of a small network including patch panel and hub or switch in the smallest footprint allowed: a mere 5 inches high by 19-1/2 inches wide! The design allows the project to be completed in a very tight area, without requirement for excess space to the left, right, above or below.

It is truly the perfect solution when real estate space is very limited, and the requirements are "too small" for the original EZ Mount Network Shelf. Equipment tie down slots are provided when, and if, required.


EZCB - Secure-A-Shelf


The EZ Mount Secur-A-Shelf is yet another truly unique product from iNNOdata, LTD. It was designed to provide not only security for the EZ Mount Network Shelf, which had been requested for over two years, and it can be added "after the fact" without disturbing station cables already installed, THUS ELIMINATING the NEED TO RE-CERTIFY THE NETWORK!

NOTE: Adequate venting slots are provided in walls, bottom and top panels. There is also a provision for mounting a "muffin type" fan in the top if necessary!

The Secur-A-Shelf will provide security for a complete network, including electronics (hub(s), switch, modem etc.), power strip and up to a 48 port patch panel. It allows access to station cables from the front of the enclosure by virtue of the swivel bracket on the shelf installed inside.


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