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iNNOdata, LTD was born on January 1, 1998 with the introduction of the EZ Mount Network Shelf and Swivel Bracket. We took the unit to BiCSi in Orlando in January of 1998, along with prototypes of the separate swivel bracket to show to many accomplished contractors, end users, designers and consultants. We needed to know that our ideas would be accepted favorably by a rapidly moving industry. On the second day at the BiCSi conference, we knew that not only did we have great ideas and products, but, WE HAVE A COMPANY!
We came out with four more products (for the total of six shown in our catalog), and in November of 1999 received the patent on the EZ Mount Network Shelf, EZ Mount Swivel Bracket and EZ Mount Wall Swivel Bracket. In November of 2000, we were also awarded the right to use the registered trademark of "EZ Mount" on our products. The "personal mark" mentioned above is the much acclaimed Swivel Bracket Technology that allows a patch panel to be punched down from the facing side with an extremely solid surface! It allows the swiveling without leaving its own real estate space, or invading another. It is totally responsible for the continued growth of the company!
All of this has happened because we listened to personnel within companies we came into contact with before the EZ Mount Network Shelf was created.
Please review the photos and product descriptions on this web site and see if you don't agree that we are the best kept secret in networking. We've had many write-ups in major trade magazines, as well as receiving many compliments from prospects and customers alike whenever we demo our products.

Remember, if you have an idea that you believe will "make sense"to those in this exciting industry, or cannot find the "right solution" to a specific need or concern, give us a call. "WE LISTEN."

"use your imagination!"

iNNOdata LTD.

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