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Dennis Romero, Alpine Technologies, Inc., Glenwood Springs, CO

Since Networld + Interop in Las Vegas 1999, when I commented that your products were "The best thing I saw at the show," I have exclusively used the wall mount swivel bracket and shelf for all my small to mid-size installations. I commented that your system was the best solution I had seen to address the small network cabling problems in confined spaces. The simple uncomplicated well crafted product fills the niche in many smaller applications. My customers appreciate the small good looking package holding up to 48 wired ports. I have also used the bracket for PBX telephone terminations, as the same great features come in handy. I plan to bring swivel brackets into larger and larger installations. Keep listening to your customers. Your products will always fit the job.

William P. Myers, Technology Design Supervisor, Technology Services Dept., The School District of Osceola County, FL

The iNNOdata EZ Mount Network Shelf System, and EZ Mount Secur-A-Shelf provides our school district a secure, compact, and affordable solution for voice and data network installations. Installation is easy to understand and installs in minutes.

Marc Petersen, Westec, Inc., Wyoming, MI

Great product, just what we needed. It works wonderful in those cramped cash offices for Point of Sale Systems. I have also used it on CCTV installations, or just installed it to set PC's on to get them off valuable counter space. It definitely is the way to go in these small closets that you always end up sharing with something. With the expansion bracket I have installed entire offices just using one shelf. On more than one occasion I have had IT persons marvel at its versatility. I have been with the product since it was first released and am always amazed at the quality of construction and the ingenuity of its design. The network shelf and the rest of the product line sell themselves. All I need to do is show it to the customer, and they're hooked! Thanks for the great product Bob. I look forward to installing many more.

John Lockwood, Lomac Information Systems, Inc., Victorville, CA

Someone once said "necessity is the mother of all inventions", and many times in the field we ponder..."if we only had..." Recently we came across a need for a " Locking shelf with a small footprint." Bob had a personal interest in what we needed. After several conversations and e-mails back and forth, I am glad to say that today we can meet that need. A locking shelf with a small footprint - a gem for the Education marketplace where space is at a premium and security is always an issue. Thanks Bob for really listening.

James E. Goodwin, D.P. Technical Analyst, State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation

I've used the EZ Mount Shelves since the product became available. It's hard to say what the units' best feature is. Initially, we purchased the shelves for the swivel patch panel mount. This feature alone was valuable enough to acquire the shelves but the other features clinched the deal. The small footprint along with the ability to mount a power strip, surge protector, small UPS and an additional 48 port panel made this unit a standard for the Connecticut Department of Transportation. I recently previewed the add-on enclosure option that makes this unit secure from prying hands and found it to be very easy to install to existing and new shelf units. Overall, the shelf fits a need that hasn't been addressed, a well built, affordable, compact unit with a flexible configuration to meet the needs of a variety of remote office applications.

Curtis P. Goff, COO, Apex Computer Learning & Development Center, Trumann, AR

My name is Curtis P. Goff. I have been in telecommunications for 18 years, having spent the last three years traveling and training for Sprint Products Group Wire Management System. By far, the most innovative and time saving device I have found is the EZ Mount system provided by iNNOdata, LTD. When I first met Bob, he explained his vision to me, to which I immediately responded: "It is about time!" Most manufacturers seem not to listen to "us" engineers from the trenches. Finally, there is someone willing to model a product designed to meet the needs of telecommunications professionals. I have tested Bob's devices in a race. I set up two shelves, one with the swivel; and one without. The technician with the swivel finishes in one quarter the time it takes for the traditional mount! Attached is a picture of me standing in our new training center, as well as one of a completed small installation. I asked specifically for Bob's products because they are the best. If you have ever wrestled with the traditional racks and mounting assemblies, you know what a challenge they can be. This product has revolutionized wire management for all. If you have not tried it, you must!
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